Mt Heslington Olives

Mt Heslington Olives

We produce olive oil organically on sunny north‒facing slopes near Nelson, New Zealand. Having planted our first tree in 1994, we've spent the years since learning, refining, and enjoying the process. It's about being able to share oil sourced from our own modest family grove — with friends, family, and you.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

At Mt Heslington Olives we produce artisan Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Thanks to the cool climate but warm summer days, our olive oil is naturally high in antioxidants yet boasts exceptionally low free fatty acid levels (less than zero point one percent).

These conditions promote fruity piquant flavours, contributing to an olive oil ideal for drizzling over salads or hot vegetables, adding to dressings and marinades, or as a complement to your favourite crusty bread.

We offer a range of bottle sizes for purchase — 250ml, 375ml and 750ml — or larger volumes in bulk. We welcome your enquiry about pricing.

By H & A Fenemor

At the grove it's just the two of us, Hilary and Andrew Fenemor. What began as a miniature research experiment in 1994 — with 23 different cultivars on the family property — has since matured into a grove producing intensely flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Over these two decades our knowledge of olive production has grown extensively, and we enjoy being able to share what we have learned within the broader New Zealand olive growing community.

Mt. Heslington, Brightwater

All of the our trees are grown using organic methods — a herbal ley along the rows, mulching for weed control, natural fertilisers, and no herbicides or insecticides. The trees flower in November – December producing a delicate perfume as you walk through the grove.

January’s green olives darken against the silvery foliage by June when we begin the harvest. Before the birds set their eyes on the crop, we rake or shake the olives from the trees on to nets laid out beneath. The crop is cold pressed locally promptly after harvest and the fresh and aromatic oil is allowed to settle in storage for six weeks before being prepared for sale.

The only thing that we love more than this land, are the lively flavours of the olive oil that it produces. We invite you to share over two decades of experience with us — get in touch to make an order, or arrange a visit to the grove.

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